Burnt Toast Restaurant accepts credit cards. Photo by Jeff Kearney. Caribbean and Mexican cultures also burn food to add savory depthmole is an easy example of this. Enter your address to see if Burnt Toast Restaurant (Elgin) delivery is available to your location in Sleepy Hollow. Turkey and poached apple melt at Burnt Toast in downtown Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs, CO. 104. There are 2 ways to place an order on Uber Eats: on the app or online using the Uber Eats website. Fast forward several years of passion and commitment, and "The Burnt Truck" rolled in. You can try enabling it or visiting the website with a browser that supports Javascript. According to a set of experts, acrylamide can also act as a neurotoxin in the body. In Vietnam, a burnt sugar sauce called nuoc mau is added to marinades and meats to achieve that perfect balance of savory, sweet, a little bit bitter, and even a little bit acrid. Wow. Excellent food and service from Hostess, waitress and bus boys to! Elgin, IL 60123 (847) 551-9725. Neurotoxin refers to toxins that can destroy the nerve tissue partially or completely. The Maillard Reaction in Food Processing, Human Nutrition and Physiology. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. The Well, 315 E. Pikes Peak Ave., released the vendor line-up for the food hall that has reopened. job well one, Weve been coming here ever since it opened. 1962. Learn more about the foods to avoid. Cutting off pieces that are very dark or burnt can also help limit your acrylamide consumption. Its all coated in a large amount of smoky red chile sauce. When you smell a Cinnabon in a shopping mall, the reason it smells so good isn't the cinnamon. The amount of food that you get for the price is good, you don't leave hungry. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. I highly recommend Burned Toast for a Greatmeal at a reasonable price..More. Yelp users havent asked any questions yet about. Cant wait. 2023 Cond Nast. Does no one care that my meal was mediocre AT BEST?!?! Friendly staff, and the owner likes to stop by all the tables and see how things are going, which is a nice touch. NASCAR star needs surgery after snowboarding accident in Colorado, Hikers lose access to two Colorado 14ers, after bill to protect landowners from liability dies, [VIDEO] Snowboarders spend over an hour in a tree to avoid angry moose in Colorado, $50,000 reward offered in search for suspect who robbed USPS letter carrier, Nathaniel Rateliff, Elle King among artists coming to Denver area in March. Can you grill in a toaster oven? He is the co-founder of a literary journal, Sheriff Nottingham, and the Content Director for Staind Arts, an arts nonprofit based in Denver. Food was prepared perfectly, staff was pleasant enough, and prices are reasonable. restaurantguru.com takes no responsibility for availability of the Burnt Toast menu on the website. price. This Homemade Snack Mix Is Full of Biscuits. No. 2492 N Randall Rd, Elgin, IL 60123. 2 poached eggs with Canadian bacon, on an English muffin topped with Gourmet Hollandaise sauce, Another traditional plate. background-color: #f57484; Are you sure you want to delete this question? Anything that is burnt black has cancerous particles in it and it isn't worth whatever few calories it might have reduced from the process of oxidation. I didn't want to waste the bread so I ate burnt toast. usarestaurants.info is not a booking agent, and does not charge any service fees to users of our site. On a perpetual journey towards the idea of home, he uses words to educate, inspire, uplift and evolve. Menus. Burnt Toast 2492 N Randall Rd is rated accordingly in the following categories by Tripadvisor travelers: Does this restaurant offer table service? Long-term clinical trials in humans are needed to evaluate whether consuming foods that contain acrylamide could contribute to the development of cancer. My coworker Adina also has a loved one with an affinity for burned food: her sister. Home. View Menu. To revisit this recipe, visit My Account, thenView saved recipes. I believe in control, the only force mighty enough to bring order to the chaos that is my life. Burnt Toast Restaurant - Elgin. Also see photos and tips from visitors. For instance, one review of 32 studies concluded that dietary acrylamide is not associated with a higher risk of the most common types of cancer (7). Burnt Toast Restaurant (Located at: 112 N. Nevada Ave) Thursday February 2, 2023. Burnt Toast. Regarding other foods in your diet, consider decreasing the cooking time or opting for other non-charring cooking methods, such as boiling or steaming, whenever possible (12). You'll find tasty and healthy food when you visit us at either location. 3 min read. Sorry, rye chips, but there's a new girl in town, and she's taking your place as the best snack mix ingredient. This article takes a closer look at the evidence to determine whether eating burnt toast can cause cancer. Although animal studies have found that consuming high amounts of acrylamide may increase the risk of cancer, research in humans has turned up mixed results. #fca_qc_quiz_51415.fca_qc_quiz div.fca_qc_question_response_item.correct-answer { As food browns and caramelizes, amino acids and sugars are rearranged, producing complex, savory flavors. "I do think that Maillards stop at a certain point in the burning process, and you get into a different kind of chemistry. This is an important factor for diabetic patients, so it is strongly recommended to eat toast, rather than bread, if you have diabetes or are at high risk for this condition. They love the Lincoln logs. A few little granules of citric acid could be the difference between a good snack and an amazing snack. The chemistries of this are not at all simple." Mine was a thin, slimy layer of barely scrambled eggs (I despise egg white), folded over an uneven pile of cheese. Food was meh, our server was sweet, but the rest of the staff (host, hostess, manager) clearly wanted to be elsewhere. All food & drink items served are prepared using high-quality ingredients. My colleague already didn't prefer this chain. If Iron Loses Its Magnetism At High Temperatures, How Is Earths Core Magnetic? Our story first began with a food truck and now, Burnt Crumbs is the next food concept that we would like to share with your family. 2520 Bunker Hill Drive, Algonquin, IL 60102 Directions. Now that we understand the chemical processes that go into toasting a piece of bread, lets take a look at the original questionthe effect of toasting on the nutritional content of the bread, specifically the calorie count! more, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options. Private Room. Wondering what to cook today? Tue. . If you get a latte they serve it in a fish bowl sized cup. Dietary acrylamide is found in various ingredients, including fried, baked, or roasted foods, including burnt toast (3). Ad Choices, This Is Why Some People Purposefully Burn Their Food. Associates Program, affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means ordered eggs grits pancakes bacon and toast . Javascript is needed to run Uber Eats. Catering. ( Burnt also features in the . The waitress came back as I was dissecting my meal to find the not slimy, over-cooked edges and not unscramble egg white portions and to cut away the excess of cheese from one side and share it with the other side. Contact Us . However, studies in humans have turned up mixed results, and additional long-term trials are needed. I like the gyros omlette, corned beef hash, and the greek sausage breakfast. According to another review, dietary acrylamide could be tied to a higher risk of lymphatic and skin cancer in men, along with a higher risk of esophageal tumors (10). The caloric change in a piece of bread is negligible, unless you badly burn the toast, in which case, it will likely be inedible. "She wants the crispy edge piece of the brownies, and the mac and cheese, which I can relate to. This is not only beautifully plated, its also bright and refreshing thanks to the fresh lemon dressing and ribbons of zucchini, carrots and radishes atop arugula. Though most ovarian cysts are benign, some are cancerous. Our handcrafted sandwiches are made 100% in house, from our . Great breakfast! Denise Wojciechowski April 28, 2012 Best French toast ever! "Maillards are what makes cooked food taste like cooked food," he said. The Friendly Toast is a scratch kitchen and bar known for our creative menu, one-of-a-kind drinks, and nostalgia on shuffle-mode. #fca_qc_quiz_51415.fca_qc_quiz a:not( .fca_qc_share_link ), You might've read about a possible link between acrylamide and cancer. Theres also a textural element. Save printable Burnt Toast Restaurant promo codes and discounts. There are fewfoods as universally beloved as bread; it has formed one of the foundational pillars of the human diet for thousands of years, and remains a vital staple all over the world. Burnt Toast Restaurant in Elgin, IL. Some types of foods and cooking methods can produce carcinogens, or compounds that increase the risk of cancer. Either way, its not a deterrent based on a steady flow of customers. we have always gotten condiments and silverware with our order, but not today. 2005-2023 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Established in 2010. Does Burnt Toast 2492 N Randall Rd offer takeout? You can toast bread to a light-brown colour rather than dark brown or black. color: #FFFFFF; They served me raw French toast that I returned to the waitress she rolled hereyes and took the back. The cheese also keeps everything contained with the toasted 7-grain bread. Here are a few snippets of what people have said in Burnt Toast reviews: Pickup Delivery. Springer Science and Business Media LLC. Part of the taste for burned foods could be cultural. Why Doesn't Water Burn, Despite Being Made Of Combustible Substances (Hydrogen And Oxygen)? background-color: #8dc8bf; The manager then comes to our table, not sure if he was racist or what but he proceed to loudly tell Me he wasnt gonna remove the raw French toast from out check. The UK went further than this in 2017, with The Food Standards Agency (FSA) stating that even brown toast poses an increased risk, advising that toast should be cooked to a . Find out why this happens, how to recognize the symptoms, and more. Springer Science & Business Media, Super Immunity: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body's Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease Free (Eat for Life), Metabolical: The truth about processed food and how it poisons people and the planet, The Maillard Reaction in Food Processing, Human Nutrition and Physiology: 4th International Symposium on the Maillard Reaction (Advances in Life Sciences), All You Ever Wanted To Know About Calories And Weight. Unfortunately, when toast is burnt too badly, it can also release carcinogens, meaning that it can increase your risk of cancer. This New Pati Jinich Meal Plan Makes the Most of Leftovers. 2520 Bunker Hill Dr, Algonquin, IL 60102-4800 +1 847-854-9552 Website Menu. If time is of the essence, this restaurant's take-out option may be a better fit. If we go by the reports, similar statements were issued earlier too, but nothing has been proved by the medical science till date. On both counts we were disappointed and wished we had not wasted so many calories on such mediocre food. Get delivery or takeout from Buttered Toast Restaurant at 2520 Bunker Hill Drive in Algonquin. Burnt Toast Food Consultancy was born out of a desire to help restaurants, particularly those who are struggling, fulfil their potential. border: #dbdbdb 0px solid; Burnt Bites. This could range from a wide variety of events including dinner parties, canaps, cuisines from a specific location or bbq's. Learn More. A Leiths trained chef with over 10 years industry experience, Jason spent the early part of his career working in Sydney, Australia. One time my dad grabbed the microwaved popcorn bag and threw it outside into the snow.". Burnt Toast is a weed strain. Mottram, D. S. (n.d.). . They found that a substance called acrylamide forms when we . Cafe | Bakery | Meal takeaway | Restaurant, 2496 N Randall Rd, Dundee Township, IL 60118, USA, 2490 Bushwood Dr # C, Elgin, IL 60124, USA, 2490 Bushwood Dr Unit E, Elgin, IL 60124, USA, 2380 Vantage Dr STE 794, Elgin, IL 60124, USA. Coupons New Year Deals Product Offers Stores Travel x. Coupons. 468. Therefore, it may not be necessary to eliminate burnt toast from your diet completely. Earlier, we mentioned that burning toast can release dangerous carcinogens; small amounts of acrylamide are released when bread is toasted, but the levels of this unwanted chemical are nothing to worry about until you are truly scorching your breakfast slice. for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon. In particular, some claim that foods like burnt toast could even be linked to an increased risk of cancer. The brand names, logos, images and texts are the property of these third parties and their respective owners. The services were good. Yes, Burnt Toast 2492 N Randall Rd offers takeout services. +18475519725. This article explains how various cooking methods affect the. KD 1.750. Outdoor seating (weather permitting). This viral Daikon Radish Pickle has sprite as an ingredient! Next time we saw her that she stopped was to ask if we wanted a refill (coffee) - our plates had been cleared. Downtown Colorado Springs food hall releases restaurant lineup. everything was Devine. The menu is divided by several categories in descending order: Scram-Bowls, Southwestern, French Toast, Avocado Toast, Granola-Bowls, Breakfast Entrees, Appetizers and Burgers & Sandwiches. Its not like we asked him to, he didnt offer to remake it or bring something else instead of raw food. Gabrielle B. Excellent customer service and food. It's the Maillards. Unlike cilantro or fennel, there isn't a concrete explanation of why people might have preferences for burnt flavor. I love burnt toast in Elgin. Starters | BBQ Extras . The only reason that I marked off one star is the food was not spicy enough. Menu Log in Register Home. Home page . Ultimately, the former was ordered. This place is the package; it is in a great location, has great service, a great atmosphere (with both booths and tables) and great food. Enter your address above to see fees, and delivery + pickup estimates. Each has at least three options, with the latter boasting nine. News, travel inspiration, podcasts, & more. Use Promo Codes at burnttoastrestaurant.com. I don't know the exact chemistry that makes burning something give off as much energy. Forums. this place is a fast food restaurant. What Is The Evolutionary Purpose Of Boredom? I am all about finding other places to go from now on. Acrylamide is a compound commonly used to produce a variety of products, including cosmetics, toiletries, dyes, fabrics, papers, and textiles (1). I observed that the lone server greeted everyone who walked in the door. The physical change in color and texturebetween bread and toastis immediately noticeable, which leads many people to wonder whether the nutritional content changes as well! Burnt toast is not something anyone is likely to see at the downtown restaurant named just that: Burnt Toast. Direction. Use your Uber account to order delivery from Burnt Toast Restaurant (Algonquin) in Algonquin. Helping your hospitality business flourish. The Maillard Reaction: Source of Flavour in Thermally Processed Foods. the Algonquin location. Burnt Toast Restaurant (Elgin) 4.7 (17 ratings) American. If you burn toast, it isnt that the outer edges are becoming more burnt; instead, more of the molecules in the middle of the bread are undergoing the Maillard reaction, thus deepening the browning color. The eggs are on the small side but portions of hash browns are big. Cheese FriesLate Night Luncheon Ep1: Cheese Fries I Get Around - Album Version (Edited) - 2Pac. Mix it up breakfast combos starting at $8.29. I am in their parking lot writing this review. Heres a look at a new culinary program and the new eateries: Signup today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. We all know them. Burnt Toast Restaurant ($$) 3.7 Stars - 9 Votes. Mon. Short on time? However, acrylamide can also form in starchy foods during high-heat cooking methods (2). Patty And The Melt. In fact, in 1994 the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified acrylamide as a probable carcinogen in humans (4). This chemical reaction gives food a savory, umami, andwhen it really gets blackbitter flavor. Hours. While I don't like my cookies burned at all (I want them perfectly crispy on the outside and soft in the middle without any blackening), I do understand the allure of a few stray pieces of melt-in-your mouth burned popcorn, and I love browned butter that's got lots of flecks of darkened milk solids. Details: Credit cards accepted. If you cant neglect them, then try to reduce the cooking time in order to reduce acrylamide exposure. Not that I would have sent it back by that point as my colleague was half finished. So, we go to the host station to pay and the girl there (who looked more like she should be clubbing in her knit, green, skin-tight mini-dress and thigh-high black boots) asked if we wanted to split the check evenly. Acrylamide in bread. Why Are There 24 Hours In A Day And 60 Minutes In An Hour? No, burnt toast does not have the same amount of calories as regular toast. Burnt Toast, a breakfast and brunch restaurant on University Hill, closed last week after seven years in business. The waitress only asked a few times if we were ready to order. The Friendly Toast in Back Bay, MA. All of a sudden (?) } Inside, this has a diner vibe complete with seating at the counter but with a trendy bill of fare. About . Why Does Food Turn Black When Its Burnt? An OTG can reheat, keep warm, grill/broil, and bake food items. And yet, there are those weirdos out there that loved burned food. This means that whenever you Module for creating and displaying Toast Notifications on Microsoft Windows 10. x. Those people who love char dont really have to hide in the dark anymore. Burnt toast is not something anyone is likely to see at the downtown restaurant named just that: Burnt Toast. Check out the menu for Burnt Toast.The menu includes breakfast, lunch, children's, and specialty items. Its more likely to accumulate when foods are cooked at higher temperatures or for longer periods of time (2). Editor's pick on the best recipes , articles and videos. I have ordered omelet here before and have not been disappointed. Note: your question will be posted publicly on the Questions & Answers page. Seriously? #frenchfries #homemade #cheese #blackcreators". What Are Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)? Dietary acrylamide has been linked to several negative health effects, including cancer. Very tasty addition. The place is decorated with little farm animals everywhere. More Info. Save around $14.55 from Burnt Toast Restaurant. This one was a complete bust. Order food online at Burnt Toast 2492 N Randall Rd, Elgin with Tripadvisor: See 253 unbiased reviews of Burnt Toast 2492 N Randall Rd, ranked #4 on Tripadvisor among 177 restaurants in Elgin. Have you ever seen one of these critters in your yard? Been several times. But there isn't enough good quality evidence to show this. There was an error processing your request. Yes, Burnt Toast Restaurant offers both delivery and takeout. Are There Benefits To Eating Multi-Grain Products? In the case of burnt toast, most concern surrounds the risk from the formation of acrylamide, a compound that has been linked to cancer and nerve damage in animals. Call us at (847) 551-9725. It is also used in certain packed food items. About. Finally, as a dense and easily consumed bundle of carbohydrates, with the added bonus of having a lower glycemic index than regular bread, toast can provide a great energy boost in the morning. JavaScript is disabled. Cried over toast. Burnt Toast Creative is the design alias for Canadian illustrator, Scott Martin. 2.21 mi. Contact: 1-719-377-5444; goburnttoast.com, Hours: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday-Friday; 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekends. Once we were ready she was patient with us. Food Tour. Yes. Finot P. (1990). John Staughton is a traveling writer, editor, publisher and photographer who earned his English and Integrative Biology degrees from the University of Illinois. But once those forgotten roasted onions have turned a deep shade of black in the oven, once theyve crisped to heaps of allium ash, theres no going back. Still, several strategies can help you reduce your intake of acrylamide. Cellular Respiration: How Do Cell Get Energy? Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. However, eating burnt toast is unlikely to cause cancer when consumed in moderation as part of a healthy, well-rounded diet. This is due to the release of certain aromatic and flavor-producing compounds when the Maillard reaction occurs. Part of this seems to stem from our increased consumption of vegetables. Elite 2023. Take your own here and learn something new and perhaps surprising. The phone number for Burnt Toast Restaurant is (847) 551-9725. 126 Likes, TikTok video from burnttoastkitchen (@burnttoastkitchen): "French Fries are an elite late night snack! Success! After youve looked over the Burnt Toast Restaurant (Elgin) menu, simply choose the items youd like to order and add them to your cart. Don't expect much if you're an adult who remembers what service means. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yelp users havent asked any questions yet about Burnt Toast Restaurant. I believe in a holy black and white world, the losing of weight, the recrimination of sins, the abnegation of the body and a life ever fasting. Photo by Jeff Kearney. He was a whirlwind with a smile. This is a place we used to enjoy going to for breakfast, we will not be returning after the horrible experience we had this past Sunday with the manager Doug. The food is delicious and the service is always fast and friendly. Burnt Toast Restaurant (Located at: 112 N. Nevada Ave) Garden Avocado Toast Thursday February 2, 2023. The food is very good. The Scram-Bowls include home fries and the Granola-Bowls incorporate fresh fruit. Burnt Toast Restaurant. December 2022 - Click for $25 off Burnt Toast Restaurant Coupons in Lake In The Hills, IL. At one point we ordered a soda, but that took . Payment is handled via your Uber Eats account. Awesome breakfast and well worth the 15 minute wait. Offers seasonal items starting at $8.99. Copy. Burnt Toast Restaurant (Elgin) delivery is available on Uber Eats in Sleepy Hollow. 6:30am-2:30pm. He efficiently kept tabs on the customers and thanked everyone as they left. } Burnt Toast Private Dining offers a unique experience where you will receive restaurant quality food in your home. } Food is always great! He called it Burnt Spaghetti! KD 1.750. Out of all the places I miss going to eat, this is the one I was missing today. The easiest way is to avoid or limit the consumption of food items like potatoes and bread. To revisit this recipe, visit My Account, thenView saved recipes. Reviews Join our Team Locations. You Are Here: ross dress for less throw blankets apprentissage des lettres de l'alphabet burnt toast restaurant nutrition information June 17, 2022 ipswich town live radio commentary border: #151515 0px solid; Other: Gluten-free and vegan options available. Home treatment would primarily support young people around mealtimes and would be guided by their family while helping them understand eating disorders and techniques to manage difficulties, the . Avocado is thickly smeared on a large slice of (what else) toast. This could range from a wide variety of events including dinner parties, canap. You'll find the permission to break the first and most fundamental rule of cooking liberating. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the Burnt Toast Restaurant (Elgin) delivery radius, then place your order. Order Online. 2023 usarestaurants.info All Rights reserved. A warm slice of toast slathered with melting butter is often far more delectable than a flimsy slice of white bread. Are these people simply freaks? Burnt Toast Restaurant (Located at: 112 N. Nevada Ave) Elvis French Toast, Turkey and Poached Apple Melt with Garden Avocado Toast Thursday February 2, 2023. After making the move to London in 2017, he went on to help set up one of the eight restaurants at 5-star hotel, The Ned and then work for Private Members Club, Soho House. There are few foods as universally beloved as bread; it has formed one of the foundational pillars of the human diet for thousands of years, and remains a vital staple all over the world. When you toast a piece of bread, as explained above, the water is removed, but this doesnt mean that any of the calories are necessarily lost. My colleague also ordered an omelet. Lynch syndrome is an inherited condition that increases your risk of several different cancer types. } #fca_qc_quiz_51415.fca_qc_quiz div.fca-qc-back.correct-answer, We're committed to serving you the freshest food possible! This one was a complete bust. Sticking to a nutritious diet and reducing the consumption of processed food is the key to healthy living. Which restaurant has your favorite French Fries?! Does Burnt Toast Restaurant have outdoor seating? Wi-Fi. It's the Maillards, the smell of the browning bun. Multiple older animal studies have shown that consuming acrylamide in large amounts may increase the growth of breast and thyroid tumors, as well as contribute to endometrial cancer and testicular mesothelioma (5, 6). You have permission to edit this article. You can add dairy or acid to tame the spice when you accidentally dump in too much cayenne. How much do you know about calories in a toast? Yes, Burnt Toast Restaurant has outdoor seating. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The entire buzz created by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK regarding the chances of developing cancer due to eating burnt toast or any other foods that contain starch being cooked at high temperature has created too much furore. Turkey and poached apple melt at Burnt Toast in downtown Colorado Springs. Burnt toast contains acrylamide, a compound formed in starchy foods during high-heat cooking methods like roasting, baking, and frying. All rights reserved. Definitely not a place for a quick bite.More. I was excited to try this new restaurant in Colorado Springs and it looks similar to "Toast" which is a chain in the Denver area. The numbers in the parentheses (1, 2, 3) are clickable links to peer-reviewed scientific papers. But they're even better as a crunchy salad topper. In other words, by toasting bread, it will have less of an impact on your blood sugar levels. Why Do People Indulge In Extreme And Dangerous Sports? usarestaurants.info cannot be held responsible or liable for the accuracy, correctness, usefulness or reliability of the data. More info. Feature gluten free pancakes and waffles amongst other things. The waitress came back as I was dissecting my meal to find the not slimy, over-cooked edges and not unscramble egg white portions and to cut away the excess of cheese from one side and share it with the other side. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this matter, you are welcome to contact our customer support team. Truly professional service persons can "read" their clientele. Department of Land,Taipei City Government. We visit burnt toast whenever we are in the Elgin area. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. 2492 N Randall Road. Does Thinking A Lot Help In Burning Calories? #fca_qc_quiz_51415.fca_qc_quiz div.fca_qc_answer_div { They have good vegetarian options. These compounds are called furanones, and give toast its pleasant flavor, and also makes it a perfect complement for other sweet and savory toppings. If you are feeling nauseous or hung over, eating toast is known to have a neutralizing and settling effect on the gut, reducing your chances of vomiting. He was soon making spaghetti for his 5 roommates 3-4 times a week, frying the spaghetti in the pan to crisp the bottom. Growing evidence suggests that AGEs, a type of chemical compound in the body, contribute to the development of many different diseases. Lets explore the reasons that might expose you to this danger. Some of the other notable nutritional changes in toast versus bread is a small drop (~20%) in the amount of B vitamins, from 5% of your daily requirement to approximately 4% of your daily dose.