They hold meet and greets where Didulo speaks formally. Control the border, land sea and sky. Queen Romana's Royal Decrees Most concerning is that Didulo has, in some videos posted online, promised to endorse the carrying out of death penalties under her own baseless self-appointed authority for those who don't comply with her demands to end COVID-19 restrictions and stop vaccine distribution. Through her violent rhetoric, and outlandish claims of having access to secret healing technology due to her not being from this world, she has been able to amass a dangerously sizeable following. Didulo followers ask for help on her Telegram page. These groups of people have given up their time and energy, working tirelessly and sharing information, awakening their fellow Canadians and people around the globe. They called out my name and said open this door or we are going to break it in, she said in a YouTube video. If you wish to receive the daily Operation Disclosure Newsletter, you cansubscribe via the PayPal Subscribe button located on the site. Unfounded. man accused of murdering armed intruder released on bail, RCMP believe Slave Lake toddler Jeffrey Dupres, missing for 43 years, is still alive, Great Pyramid of Gizas hidden chamber revealed, Alex Murdaugh sentenced to life in prison for murder of wife, son, Survivor of B.C. A QAnon influencer and self-declared "Queen of Canada" has been detained by Canadian police after allegedly encouraging her followers to "shoot to kill" health care workers. Didulos fake decrees, which promise to abolish taxes, debts, and mortgages, are key to her popularity with her fans. 100% Dictator and 100% Nuts Is How Romana Didulo Is Described By Ex-Insider! Didulo believes that anyone who received the COVID-19 vaccine has had their DNA restructured and is slowly, but inevitably, turning into a controllable robot. NEW Leadership Invocation For Canada And The World!! READ MORE:No Hoax Fighting COVID-19 has meant tackling conspiracy theories, even within families. She promises them free money, no bills, no taxes and all they have to do is believe. She claims to be a shape shifter who can assume any physical appearance she chooses. 4:44 And if that is not enough, as the Head of State and Commander in Chief of The Republic of Canada, I will convene a Military Tribunal and charge you with Crimes Against Humanity, Treason, Bio-terrorism, and Economic sabotage. Fredrick Brennan, the founder of 8chan the forum where a figure called Q would post information fueling the conspiracy theory accused former 8chan partner Jim Watkins of being Q himself or at least know who Q is. They are not legal, and there are no loopholes that excuse people from being good, responsible citizens. Romana Didulo, who has . My name is Patrick DaCosta (TerraZetzz is my moniker). Telegram posts suggest that many of her followers are fervently awaiting her promised technology, possibly delaying legitimate medical care. Please read our Commenting Policy first. In August 2022, these fundraising efforts included a video message that was presented as an endorsement and fundraising pitch from Roger Stone. Romana Didulo has declared the version of Canada she claims to lead a vaccination free country. Some are odd but harmless, including a measure meant to lower speed limits on some streets to improve the popularity of back-alley rollerblading. Naturally the desperate devils army cant stand them. Ive received accusatory disgusting replies to my posts and blogs about Charlie from people trying to malign him.They are deep state demon shills and bots that are practically hysterical because the cabal has lost power in most areas except the MSM and Social Media. If you wish to write and/or publish an article on Operation Disclosure all you need to do is send your entry to[]applying these following rules. Like a cult, some leave their family to join Didulo on trips to meet their online followers physically. I have been requested by the commander in chief of the United States armed forces to act as the mediator between Russia and the United States. She has also been able to raise at least $140,000 from her followers, Vice said. For people outside of the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory, Romana Didulo is just another Canadian citizen. It did mine. Self-declared Queen of Canada detained by RCMP after alleged threats to health-care workers. I, Queen Romana Didulo, of Canada hereby relieve from public duties and responsibilities and declare vacant their offices in all Ten (10) Provinces and three (3) Territories of Canada, all Regional Medical Health Officers, effective this day July 5, 2021. Despite her claims, no military forces appeared to help detain the police officers. They cannot substantiate their accusations. Premium Feed: Didulo is deceiving her followers. The tasks and responsibilities of PHAC shall immediately transfer over to Canadas Military Division responsible for Science and Research on deadly viruses/bio weapons. While Didulos ideas are ridiculous, theyve already had a real-world effect on Canada. [6], To effectuate these claims, Didulo has issued a number of what she calls "decrees" supposedly outlawing various actions by governments and financial institutions. July 5, 2022. Happy Memorial Day Weekend God bless our Veterans & active U.S. & Global Military Warriors. I first watched this video of Romana Didulo, the Sovereign Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Sovereign Republic of Canada, on Nicholas Veniamins Telegram page a few days ago and just now found it posted on YouTube. They want something for nothing. Peter Smith - A Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson told Global News: "Only in the event that an investigation results in the laying of criminal charges would the RCMP confirm its investigation, the nature of any charges laid. HRH Romana Didulo,@romanadiduloHead of State and Commander-in-Chief,Head of Government of Canada,Queen of Canada#WWG1WGA, ______________________________________________________. One of Didulo's followers pushed other believers to abide by the royal decrees after she stopped paying hydro, weather, natural gas, property taxes, line of credit, and my credit cards.Many others who have also since posted about no longer paying their bills including many who are elderly and rely on fixed incomes have now had their utilities shut down and are collecting thousands of dollars worth of bills. on social media, in reaction to the group's actions. [16] The number of people who were subscribing to Didulo's Telegram account varies, but is most commonly estimated at 60,000 or 70,000. She claimed recently that Russian President Vladimir Putin, a close friend, had personally gifted her an autographed watch. One of her followers had been arrested for threatening to shoot up his daughters school for offering vaccinations. If you wish to receive the daily Operation Disclosure Newsletter, it is included in the monthly subscription. Voted best in USA by Worldwide Ratings Organization. Along with her death penalty for vaccine administrators, Didulo has decreed capital punishment for offenses such as the distribution of pro-vaccination podcasts. God bless America. The people who appointed me are the White Hats and the U.S. Military together with the Global Allied Troops and their Governments. Janelle Shoihet said the Mounties could not confirm whether Didulo was detained or any details of her account. I'm Romana Didulo. Others have followed Didulos orders to deliver bogus cease-and-desist notices to Canadian police demanding that they stop enforcing pandemic mandates. It also makes further outlandish claims and requests, including a demand for an immediate stop to the distribution ofCOVID-19 vaccines and other measures aimed at curtailing the pandemic. 2:39I would like to send a very special thanks and Greetings to our Digital Soldiers on Telegram. I delete em. More from NextShark: Jeremy Lin tests positive for COVID-19 Who is Romana Didulo? In October 2020, sites such as Facebook and Instagram banned QAnon-linked accounts, while YouTube tightened rules on content that contain QAnon conspiracy. Please email us at [] and well forward your email to the author. Twitter: These are recorded and posted on multiple channels on Telegram, an encrypted messaging app. Didulo in 2020 put up a political party called Canada 1st Party of Canada which Vice noted is reminiscent of Donald Trumps America First slogan. Normal Gossip delivers juicy, strange, funny, and utterly banal gossip about people youll never know and never meet. On April 30, Didulo, to her YouTube channel where she claimed that President Biden requested for her to act as the mediator between the United States and Russia., "I address you today as your commander in chief and Queen," Didulo said. They also have a proclivity for violence, as demonstrated by a number of high-profile incidents, including an armed standoff in Massachusetts in July 2021. Christine Sarteschi ne travaille pas, ne conseille pas, ne possde pas de parts, ne reoit pas de fonds d'une organisation qui pourrait tirer profit de cet article, et n'a dclar aucune autre affiliation que son organisme de recherche. The letter includes the false statementthat all "former COVID-19 measures"are "null and void." Romana Didulo:Hello Canada. Romana Didulo, who often refers to herself as the "Queen of Canada," made the claim on a YouTube video. This post 5-27-21 by (Q) The Storm Rider explains what it represents: I enclose a transcription of the video below. Now Didulos American adherents are set on trying to carry out her orders outside of Canada, starting in the United States. According to those who travelled with her, Didulo exhibits authoritarian and abusive behaviour toward members of her team, with experts warning this fits some of the signifiers of a cult-like behaviour. Over six episodes, host D. Watkins will share his experiences in and out of the writers’ room and speak to the people who brought this story to the screen, including executive producers George Pelecanos and David Simon, actor Jon Bernthal, actor Wunmi Mosaku, and director Reinaldo Marcus Green. The Anti-Hate Network also alleges shes encouraged her followers to target a wide range of people involved with the COVID-19 response including politicians, government workers, journalists and teachers. Anyone complaining that her decrees are ineffective will be banned from her Telegram pages. 0:20 In case youre wondering who appointed me as the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Canada. The sovereign citizen movement is expanding rapidly, and can now be found in at least 26 countries. QAnon, the far-right conspiracy theory that believes there is a cabal of elites operating a global child sex trafficking ring, was found to have a Philippine connection in 2020. Musical Theme - Noir Tokyo by Monty Datta Some have even said they have been threatened with physical violence or death. According to Vice, back in August, she had about 40 of her followers march to the Peterborough Police Station in Ontario to arrest all of the police officers for enforcing COVID-19 restrictions and stepping on their freedoms. avalanche lost father, brother-in-law, family friend in slide, Milton man accused of murdering armed intruder released on bail, Trudeau says probes into foreign election interference ongoing, Canadians falling prey to conspiracy theories despite strong trust in institutions. People wait to get their children vaccinated at a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Montral in November 2021. Only in the event that an investigation results in the laying of criminal charges, would the RCMP confirm its investigation, the nature of any charges laid, Shoihet said in an email. I would also like to remind you that the Corporation Government with whom you work for and take order now, will not be around to protect you and defend you. They are drawn to her because of greed. ", In response, Didulo told her believers that the bills were being sent by robots, and several of her followers began rallying to send emails to utility companies that they are committing criminal offenses against We The People., Extremist researcher Christine Sarteschi pointed out that Didulos followers will have to learn the hard way, as they may not even realize that its not real., her followers that she was in contact with President Joe Biden and receiving governmental orders. Droits d'auteur 20102023, The Conversation France (assoc. The Corporation Government WILL NOT EXIST, The banking system of the Corporate Government WILL NOT EXIST. Click on the image above then go to Specials to see discounted stock. She added: "If you don't have the tools for duck huntingdon't request to join. Voir les partenaires de TheConversation France. These groups of people have given up their time and energy, working tirelessly and sharing information, awakening their fellow Canadians and people around the globe. We are also focused on disclosing extraterrestrial contact and humanitys lost ancient origins. Didulo's public persona underwent a series of rapid changes since she started producing video interventions in 2020: leader of a non-registered political party called Canada1st, to head of state of a Canadian republic, to Queen of Canada with high-level extraterrestrial connections. [5][6], Didulo gained notoriety during the COVID-19 pandemic by demanding that all vaccines be destroyed, and promoting various conspiracy theories common to the QAnon universe. It must be quite difficult to plan a meeting when 99.9999 % of the most #prominent_members and #proponents are all 6 feet below the ground. ! 3:24 As far back as late February, early March of this year, right immediately I took my oath as the Head of State and Commander in Chief,I DECLARED CANADA A VACCINE FREE NATION. They defer to her as the leader and they ask her permission to do anything, Sarteschi said. Didulo, who has over 70,000 followers online, is a leader in the QAnon movement in Canada, which is a far-right political conspiracy theory movement. Credits: rose to popularity over the last two years after several QAnon influencers confirmed that she had sovereign power over Canada, growing over 70,000 followers on the instant messaging platform Telegram. She claims that she is the rightful head-of-state and commander-in-chief of Canada, the Republic. These messages urge troops to carry out her orders, including the confiscation of COVID-19 vaccines. She has strong influence over her many followers. Now, theyre ready to help others become better, smarter, happier cooks. Read more from NextShark! Welcome to the Official Website of Her Majesty Queen Romana Didulo and the Kingdom of Canada's Royal Mobile Government. "I am the head of state, commander in chief and head of government and queen of Canada replacing Queen Elizabeth the second of England who has now been executed for crimes against humanity,". The Daily Beast couldnt reach Didulo or Carlson for comment. Re: Regional School Boards/Trustees Relieved from public duties and responsibilities. All statements, claims, views and opinions that appear on this site are always presented as unverified and should be discerned by the reader. Didulo has nearly 66,000 followers, known as "I AMs.". 's mental health act. To help us understand the story, I've turned to Peter Smith, a journalist with the Canadian Antihate network, who has been tracking Romana's activities since she first surfaced as an influential extremist leader. Audience Relations, CBC P.O. BBB score A+ Listen to new episodes of Borderline Salty by Pineapple Street Studios every Tuesday starting April 12. Many others who have also since posted about no longer paying their bills including many who are elderly and rely on fixed incomes have now had their utilities shut down and are collecting thousands of dollars worth of bills. county durham coroners office, wedding table runner ideas,
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