And the White House itself seems to have been welcoming to other non-heteronormative men in the Kennedy years. "Because of him, I was never lonely," Billings said once. [36] When the Kennedys spent the weekend at Glen Ora, their Virginia estate, Jacqueline Kennedy invited Billings to join them more often than the President did. "[25]:244 Sometimes he stayed for longer periods. [10] In 1944 he received a commission in the U.S. As the previous article mentions more has to be explored regarding the relationship between Lem and JFK! At one point, he is said to have remarked: "After I go, there'll be no more Kennedys.". Because of him, I was never lonely. He believed Billings loved Kennedy. Lem Billings (left) with John F Kennedy (right) Kennedy and Billings had a sexual relationship including 'oral sex, with Jack always on the receiving end.' Kennedys in Hollywood by Lawrence J. Quirk / The Dark Side Of The Dream The one iconic photo of President John F. Kennedy up close and personal with a woman other than Jackie shows him and his attorney general brother, Robert, coming on to curvaceous Marilyn Monroe at a party. Billings, for his part, never married and eventually became a marketing executive and worked on the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Private Policy and Terms of Use. However, he avoided the notoriety of coming out even after Kennedys death, perhaps because he feared that it would draw more negative attention to the extended Kennedy family, which soon struggled with a range of scandals: Chappaquidick, alcoholism, divorce and drugs were but a few. The Depression had hurt the Billings family financially, and Lem Billings was at Choate on scholarship. 'What the hell have you been doing? "[27] Arthur Schlesinger thought Billings "used to glare at me when we occasionally encountered each other in the company of JFK, and for a time I took this rather personally. The first lady, Jackie, had something of a love-hate relationship with Billings. Still, the Kennedy clan accepted even welcomed Lem Billings into their exclusive inner-circle, practically adopting him, and he became a part of the family. Like many gay men of his generation, Lem may have been very comfortable with his own sexuality and the privacy of his relationship to Jack. They werent even related. Sprawling home where JonBenet Ramsey was found murdered in 1996 is listed for sale for $7 MILLION by current Royal Mail increase price of first class stamp by 15p to 1.10 in record-breaking hike. Lem Billings relaxed on the Kennedys' Palm Beach estate the summer of 1936. And all the while, Lem Billings was there: waiting, serving, comforting and helping the Kennedy family adjust to the public glare. COVID-19 became the No. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive selections from new issues of Public Seminar. When they arrived at the cemetery, it was already in place to be lowered. Billings, he said, "had a natural jealousy. Lem felt that the physical regimen at the Kennedy vacation homes was even more exacting than that at Choate. 384 pages, $26.95 THE OLD black-and-white photograph shows two good-looking young men sitting close together on the back bumper of a car, their fingers touching gently as they fondle a dachshund pup. ", Still, he was well aware of his proximity to history. For Billings' funeral, some of the younger Kennedys served as pallbearers (as Billings himself had done for some of their own, like the slain Sen. Robert F. Kennedy). 12 pdf icon; leading cause of death data, including firearm, homicide, and drug poisoning mortality data, and infant mortality . Kennedy. Billings was a prep school roommate of Kennedy, an usher at his wedding and a campaigner for his successful 1960 presidential bid. Jack" he said as he gazed at him softly, It's been a long time. Lem Billings had a remarkable friendship with JFK that lasted from 1932, when the two met as classmates in prep school, until JFK's assassination in 1963. President John F. Kennedy has become infamous for his vivid, and some might say almost compulsive, heterosexual affairs. But there is also an important story about race, and social class, to be told here. Anyone who wants to know more about JFKs actual sex life can email me at Here is my sons grandfather with JFK in Dec 1963. Jack's best friend was Lem and he would want me to remind everyone of that today." Though Billings who was working as a New York City advertising executive at the time of the assassination continued on at his firm for another decade, his life was never the same. It is important to understand what is meant by the cause of death and the risk factor associated with a premature death:. To order a copy, click here. JFK appeared to be in love with the idea of Billings being in love with him. He had a very independent mind. [1] The Billings family were Episcopalians and Republicans.[2]. It contained scores of photographs of himself and Jack in Europe, as well as a handwritten narrative. However, gay men played another role in Kennedys history that was not overtly sexual: they were part of an avant-garde cultural world that Jackie Kennedy cultivated, as she linked the Kennedy name to national arts, letters and music for the first time. [4], In 1939, Billings graduated from Princeton where he majored in art and architecture[5] and wrote his senior thesis on Tintoretto. "[45] Billings also served the President as an artistic adviser, selecting scrimshaw for display in the Oval Office[46] and, on one European tour, quickly assembling a selection of artworks to be presented as gifts. (Page 80), Lem examines a damaged ambulance door following the Messerschmitt attack, Sirte, Libya, 1943. July 24, 2015. [44] "Jack made a big difference in my life," Billings said. But straight men can have a gay side, and JFKs life was filled with prominent gay men, friendships which open the door to other histories. A Catholic couple, the Kennedys hoped for more children: Jack had been one of nine, while Bobby and Ethel Kennedy had eleven. (Page 276). I really got to know them well. It was Bobby Kennedy Jr. who gave the eulogy. It is a historic rural cemetery. it would not surprise me knowing how most of the Kennedys (including ole Joe!) Vidal, the author of a best-selling gay World War II novel, published in 1947 at a time when most queer books were ruled obscene and evidence of homosexual acts could bring a prison term, was unabashedly public about his affairs with men. "[48] Billings spent the last weekend of October 1963 with the couple, the last time he saw them together. 0 references. After the assassination of Robert Kennedy, a distraught Ethel turned over her son, Bobby Jr., to Billings to act as his surrogate father, sparking her brother-in-law, Terrien RFK's roommate at the University of Virginia law school to wonder why she would allow 'Lem to have such an intimate relationship' with her troubled third born, who would go on to have a a bizarre relationship with Billings, including the taking of drugs. Between 1933 and 1935, The bond between Jack and Lem grew so tight, journalist David Pitts wrote in Jack and Lem (2008), that they really had no need for friendships with other boys.. '"[39], Most recognized that Billings and Kennedy had been friends from youth and did not question their relationship or Billings' presence. Billings, for his part, never married and eventually became a marketing executive and worked on the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In "Jack and Lem", author David Pitts looks at the relationship between the late president and Kirk LeMoyne Billings or "Lem". I have also studied the forensics of the assassination for 21 years. Lem Billings died in his sleep of an apparent heart attack on May 28, 1981, at the age of 65. Some of his partners saw the escape from monogamy as liberating too, understanding their romps with the President as special and carefree episodes that they were happy to flaunt. "I just became fascinated with Lem because he was a closeted but as they used to say 'practicing homosexual,' and he was very much part of the inner Kennedy circle from very early in his life," Bayard said. (Page 307)Listen to a short phone conversation between the two of them: DAVID PITTS is a longtime journalist whose work has appeared in The Washington Post and other leading newspapers. University of Maryland basketball star Len Bias died of "cocaine intoxication" after ingesting an unusually pure dose of the drug that stopped his heart within minutes, Maryland's chief medical . Article. He didn't want to share his friendship with Jack. For many other Americans as well, Bobby became the last best hope for resurrecting Camelot, for a return to the kind of liberal idealism that Jack had epitomized. "[58] Though Gore Vidal thought Billings was "absolutely nobody," he also believed "it was a good idea that Jack had somebody he could trust like that around him." The importance of other causes of death such as communicable diseases, maternal, neonatal and nutritional causes, and noncommunicable diseases like cancer and heart disease varied most between different countries. Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old woman on an adventure when she died at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles' skid row. "[52] One historian wrote that after the 1963 assassination Billings was: "probably the saddest of the Kennedy 'widows'. Co-executive Editor, Public Seminar and Professor of History, The New School for Social Research, Photo credit: Cecil Stoughton/Wikimedia Commons. Billings, who was a year older than Jack Kennedy, made his desire known while the two were still at Choate in a bizarre love note, penned on a piece of toilet paper that could be disposed of easily to avoid incrimination at a time when homosexuality was illicit. Born in 1916, Billings was the son of a Pittsburgh doctor. Jerry Oppenheimer is a New York Times bestselling author who has written two books about the Kennedys. I don't think it's true that he did not have views of his own, as some have said. How Prince Harry's chat with guru who compared Hamas terrorists to Jews who battled the Nazis has appalled JAN MOIR: Goodbye Ken, the world always seemed safer with you on the airwaves, Abstaining from masturbating RAISES risk of anxiety, depression and erectile dysfunction, study warns. William Lemp III died an untimely death of a heart attack at the age of 42. The book "Jack and Lem: John F. Kennedy and Lem Billings: The Untold Story of an Extraordinary Friendship," details the extraordinary relationship between two unlikely friends. "He did not want to hear one negative syllable, and there were a lot of negatives going along.". He may have been the reason I never married.. Who was Jack Lemmon's wife? Kirk LeMoyne " Lem " Billings (April 15, 1916 - May 28, 1981) was an American businessman known for his close and long-time friendship with John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family. Allegheny Cemetery. For Jack and Lem, the carefree period of their lives -- their school and college years -- were now behind them. 'Dear Mrs. Billings. The two became friends, then roommates. Booth, 32 years old, died of "undetermined causes" with no obvious signs of . Kirk LeMoyne Billings and John F. Kennedy. [14] In 1958, he moved to the Manhattan advertising firm Lennen & Newell[15] as an advertising executive. "At Choate, boys who were interested in sexual involvement with other boys were courteous and discreet, writing notes on toilet paper so they could be easily swallowed or flushed," David Pitts writes in his 2007 book Jack and Lem: The Untold Story of an Extraordinary Friendship. "Jack made a big difference in my life," Billings said in his oral history for the Kennedy library, adding, "He may have been the reason I never got married.". place of burial. From there we would helicopter right to his father's front lawn. He never lost this.". She was expected to be constantly available for him, he was inconsiderate and unloving, and she was permitted to tell no one. Bobby Kennedy Jr. gave the eulogy. Kirk LeMoyne "Lem" Billings (April 15, 1916 - May 28, 1981) was a close friend of the Kennedy family, who had his own room at the White House during the Kennedy presidency. By the time he became president, however, that revolution had been launched: the birth control pill, developed in the 1950s, became widely available in the 1960s and, more importantly, in 1964, Life magazine would publish a major photo essay about gay mens bars in San Francisco. Otherwise he attended without female accompaniment. 'Yesterday was Jack's birthday. Although JFK embarked on affairs with women as a very young man, affairs that continued into his married life, Billings remained focused on an erotic life with men and never had a life partner. We might even call it a romantic friendship. When a butler commented on the fact that Billings was leaving his belongings in one of the third-floor guest rooms, the First Lady replied: "He's been my house guest since I was married. [4] The non-sectarian, wooded hillside park is located at 4734 Butler Street in the Lawrenceville neighborhood, and bounded by the Bloomfield, Garfield, and Stanton Heights areas. John F. Kennedy (right) and Kirk LeMoyne "Lem" Billings sit in a wicker chair outside the Kennedy family home in Palm Beach. He had clearly been adopted into the larger Kennedy clan, and Jackie drew him into her family circle as well. With that out of the way, their relationship continued essentially unchanged until JFK's assassination thirty years later.". [62], After the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, Billings became depressed and started to drink in excess, an addiction that plagued him for most of his life. When JFK was assassinated, he turned his attention to his nephew Bobby Kennedy Jr. Billings worked on the 1960 campaign, and then lived at the White House for long stretches of time, a room permanently set aside for his visits. [60] In 1965, Jacqueline Kennedy invited Billings to accompany her and her children to England for the unveiling of a memorial to President Kennedy at Runnymede. as not being gay since they only gave each other BJs (as in Lewinsky/Clinton sex?)! Naval Reserve and served in the South Pacific until being discharged in 1946. Soon I discovered that he glared with equal suspicion at anyone whose friendship with JFK postdated his own. After the assassination of RFK in 1968, the flamboyant Billings transferred his obsessive affection for Jack, to handsome teenager Bobby Jr. David Pitts, the author of 'Jack and Lem: The Untold Story of an Extraordinary Friendship,' told me, 'Lem was a gay man and he had a 14-year-old, good-looking kid living in his house with him and there had been rumors because of that. Knowing the kind of intimate relationship that he had with the president, advisers were concerned about political repercussions, and even blackmail. Ben Bradlee, a Kennedy friend who worked at Newsweek during the Kennedy Administration, and no friend of Billings,[40] said "they were childhood friends and stayed loyal to each other forever." Although Jack and Bobby were of different temperaments -- Jack, detached and cerebral, Bobby, intense and emotional -- Lem saw so much of Jack in Bobby. He once described the Kennedy family's lack of business awareness: "Listening to the Kennedy brothers talk about business was like hearing nuns talk about sex. Didnt Lem confess to a friend that he loved JFK? Princeton University. He once called Billings the 'chief f****t at Camelot.' Lem Billings may have been present for many of these events, but if he was, he was just outside the frame of these pictures. Details of Lem Billings and JFK's three decade relationship are revealed in 'Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And The Dark Side Of The Dream'. Lem Billings is a well known Celebrity. After cocktails, Jackie and JFK proposed some skeet shooting and, legend has it, Williams was a better shot than Jack. Eunice Kennedy Shriver said, 'I'm sure he's already organizing everything in heaven so it will be completely ready for us -- with just the right Early American furniture, the right curtains, the right rugs, the right paintings, and everything ready for a big, big party. 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